- tasteful restoration - simply find out more about each area below.

In a boldly-designed monumental space that has been closed from public view for several years, Tribeton has created urban, yet comfortable surroundings that pay homage to Galway’s industrial heritage and provide a backdrop for casual and relaxed dining & drinking from open ‘till close.

One of Galway’s best art-deco buildings is the backdrop for our work and your play. A vast open kitchen; one of the longest bars in Galway; a restaurant bounded by steel and comfortable lounges for leisurely days all contribute to something that’s just a little different and ever so bold.


The Public Bar in Tribeton runs almost the length of the venue and features a beautiful re-claimed oak base with Italian marble counter top on the main bar and a shining Belfast pewter top on the cocktail bar. Pewter was once only for the wealthy in Ireland and was found on the tables of castle halls. Today we have combined over 800 years of Irish Pewter with modern day metalwork to create a stunning focal point for our guests.

Above the cocktail bar hangs a specially commissioned bronze two tiered cartwheel chandelier which was modelled on an original  smaller lantern sourced in Cornwall in over 20 years ago and now hangs in Kirwan’s lane. The medieval style is a celebration of the history of Galway and a love of ancient crafts honed from generation to generation.

The Public Bar is situated in the heart of our venue, so you can have pre-dinner drinks before heading into the Restaurant, or you can stay here all night long.

Join us in the evenings for elegant cocktails - we specialise in sours, .martinis and gin & tonic. We are the biggest gin bar in the Connacht with over 130 gins in stock, including our own brand Galway Gin Co.

Check our What's on page where you can find the latest news & events from Tribeton.
Our monthly events line-up has the key dates for your diary.



Opposite the bar, the restaurant tables and showcase dividers were created by the skill of local Galway craftsmen. They hand-crafted the table tops from beautiful, reclaimed hand hewn oak beams. The wood was salvaged from old Amish barns in the rural countryside of Pennsylvania. A hundred and fifty years of weather has produced a character that show off its history and unique character. Its colour ranges from light amber to a nut brown with a distinctive variety of grain patterns. It is easy to imagine the magnificent trees that once grew and were used to create Amish homestead.

As Restaurant is proving hugely popular, it's best to make a reservation for the evening and weekend tables in advance. You can contact us under 091 421 600 or go to our contact page and send us an enquiry.



A beautiful space just next to our Restaurant, it's a perfect place to host birthday celebrations or work night out.

Our Club area can accommodate 60-80 people, with an option to break out onto the Restaurant. The wooden partition means you are still connected to the atmosphere in the Restaurant.

You can dive into our sharing platter, snacks or full dinner menu.

To enquire about the Club, visit our contact page.


The ground floor entrance at 1-3 Merchant’s road now features a vibrant hand-painted floor mural and guests are guided to the wide and impressive Art Deco stairway that leads to Tribeton Café, Bar & Restaurant above. There is also a charming fireplace which is now a quirky feature of the large industrial open kitchen – the largest of its kind in Galway and visually arresting.

This lovely and laid back area can be used for pre-dinner drinks or light snack from our Restaurant menu.



Tribeton is a place for every occasion, every taste, every mood and everyone. Join us for food, drinks, DJs and entertainment till the early hours.



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